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Rajasthan Tourism

Rajasthan Tourism Information

Discover Rajasthan Anew With A Distinct Flavor

Rajasthan is the land of culture, color, and mesmerizing beauty. In cartographic terms, it is situated in the North Western part of India and ranks as the largest state in India. Rajasthan-literally meaning the "Land of Kings" is well-known for its hospitality and royalty. The people embrace all the tourists warm heartily and ardent followers of rich culture. The very soil of it holds a flavor of ancient India- the India that holds exquisite and diverse culture. Rajasthan, since time immemorial, has witnessed the highly refined culture of the monarchs. The essence of the same has seeped in the air and the land.

rajasthan tourism
Entrancing sights and monuments
  • Every particular place in Rajasthan holds a unique feature. Be it the Thar Desert or the colorful forts, your choices are many. Keep your checklist open for some of the major sites that you should never miss. Get your way through Ajmer, the city of "invincible hills"; treat the nature-lover in you with the vast range of flora and fauna in Banswara; Alwar gives you a glimpse of the architectural splendor of forts and palaces; to see and enjoy a camel ride, take your route to Bikaner; get the taste of the modern life in an antique hue visit Jaipur- the Pink City, Jhalawar displays itself as a reservoir of the natural wealth, and the list goes on in Rajasthan Tourism.

Luxurious and fascinating forts
  • With a variety of Forts to explore, you can have a fair idea of the royal lifestyles of the crown heads and the affluence of ancient India. It holds some of the oldest cities of India and renders a perfect ambiance of the antique. Famous as Sonar Quila, Jaisalmer Fort is one of the major tourist attractions. Along with the utterly delectable food, these pieces of beauty can gratify the hunger of your eyes. Jaigarh Fort stands at the top of a hill with its magnificent stature and stays put since the eighteenth century. From the world heritage site list of UNESCO, Gagron fort has a lot of scenic beauty to offer.

Gorgeous museums of art
  • Bagore ki Haveli exhibits a plethora of costumes and modern art. Albert Hall Museum is inspired from the structure of The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Hawa Mahal is a wonder in itself. It strangely comprises of the 356 intricately designed "jharokhas" or windows. Prachina Museum consists of the "poshakas" or garments that were mainly worn in the ancient India. With only a few mentions of the wonders in Rajasthan, it is impossible to assemble and combine the visual beauty of the place in mere words. To witness one of the major tourist attractions in India, plan a trip to the city of monarchs.

Rajasthan is widely known for its geographical beauty. The land is indeed a melange of varied culture, and beauty served in the majestic platter of Nature. From the sky to the soil, it is completely tinted with the hues of love and affection- affection for the tourists and their own culture. It offers a variety of choice regarding Rajasthan Tourism. You cannot miss the royal air of the forts, the sunsets of amber and the cities of pink or the sands of red. Treat yourself to a ride to the land of tales and take pride in India- our India.

Profile of Rajasthan

Have An Awe-Inspiring View Of The Profile Of Rajasthan

The word Rajasthan literally refers to "the Land of Kings." It has achieved accolades from all over the world for its hospitality. The people are warm-hearted and embrace every visitor with equal affection. You cannot afford to miss such a royal greeting from the place of the monarchs. It is an amalgamation of nature's diversity. It offers the tourists with a broad spectrum of flora and fauna, museum attractions, colorful forts and lots more. It is indeed true that Rajasthan is the only place in the world which has accommodated itself in the modern world with an antique hue.

rajasthan tourism
Wide range of diversity
  • With an abundance of forts and palaces, Rajasthan also holds a hill station famous as Mt. Abu. The existence of a desert on one hand and a hill station on the other indeed triggers a moment of surprise and awe. With the support of the Aravalli Hills, relief is drawn to the area and the locals. Exploring the remarkable features of the land of royals is never tiring as it has an entire reservoir of surprises in store for the visitors. It is indeed true that the perfect taste of ancient India can be found only in Rajasthan.

Must for you
  • Take your route through the exquisite palaces and forts. The main splendid structures that mesmerize the onlooker are many in number but some significant ones among them are, Amber Palace, Badal Mahal, Jag Mandir, Jaipur City Palace, Jal Mahal, Juna Mahal, Lake Palace and lots more. The architectural design and the beauty of the places makes one take pride in India- the talent acquisition back in history. Discover a new phase of the Profile of Rajasthan, in a light that is broader and magnificent. It is for sure that the on-looker will never be disappointed with the spellbinding effect of the place.

Enjoy a treat
  • The cuisine is undoubtedly a treat to the taste buds. The mouth-watering dishes can only instigate you and take you to the world of imperial culture. Food is always served in a grand platter with several complimentary dishes. You can enjoy famous snacks like the Bikaneri Bhujia, Pyaz ki Kachori, Mirchi Vada and lots more. Tickles the tongue in the actual sense of the term, doesn't it? After having a happy tummy, you can enjoy the folk-culture of the place in the evening which mostly depicts the daily chores. There is even a variety in the folk-dance format. Kalbeliya is the specialization from Jaisalmer and Ghoomar is the same from Udaipur.

Located in the Northwestern part of India, Rajasthan borders several states. It borders Pakistan and protects the West of the country. It holds a considerable topographical diversity and witnesses the extension of the rugged Thar Desert across the borders of Pakistan. With exceptional scenic beauty, it has a lot to offer to the sight-seer. Tourists have since time immemorial found utter delight in the highly- refined culture and the well-known royalty of the land. When making plans for a trip to Rajasthan make sure you prepare a checklist. Ensure that you can enjoy all the major sights with its minute details.

History of Rajasthan

The History Of Rajasthan- The Land Of Royals

What can be a better place for you to spend your holidays in, except the outstanding land of Rajasthan? The word itself refers to the "Land of Rajas or kings." It is not only one of the largest states in India by area but also the prominent reservoir of the diverse culture of the same. India is indeed known for its diversity, a glimpse of the same can be seen in the soil, air, and land of Rajasthan. The kings of India have always led an affluent lifestyle to which the forts and palaces are reliable testimonials. Each time you visit Rajasthan and the wonder it exhibits, it inspires pride in the heritage and culture of India.

History of the ancient land
  • The History of Rajasthan dates back to as early as a thousand decades when the tract was called the Gujratra or Gurjar nation. It has dense periods in history all of which is culturally rich and witness the rise of high art. It is believed that parts of the Indus Valley Civilization were found extending in Kalibanga, Rajasthan. This discovery has marked the state at an International level because Indus valley civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Substantial proof of the existence of life has been found in the same. Many historians believe that the geographical location of Rajasthan holds a lot of mysteries.

Advent of the medieval period
  • The Battle of Tarain is known to all lovers of history where the great King Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Ghori. The former won fifteen consecutive battles but failed when one of his kin backstabbed him. After his fall, the empire was gradually subsumed by the Delhi Sultanate. The coming of the Rajput rulers, a conflict between the two mighty empires began. Raja Uday Singh bluntly refuted the supremacy of Akbar and founded Udaipur. Raja's son Rana Pratap continued his struggle after the death of his father. When the Rajputs lost their land and escaped the predicament, the womenfolk committed suicide in the form of Jauhar to safeguard their chastity.

History of Art
  • The brilliant art of Rajasthan traces back to as early as the sixth century period. Due to some ethnic similarities, Rajasthan and Gujarat were referred to as the Maru Gurjara. Rajasthan was formerly known as Marudesha and Gujarat as Gurjaratra. Therefore their art was cumulatively called Maru Gurjara art, literally referring to the art of Gujarat and Rajasthan. By the seventh century, art had achieved great success. The influence of the kings and various empires in the region has considerable effects on the same. Another form of scroll painting, done on principally clothes is known as the Phad Painting. It is a specialty of Mewar.

To explore the rich ethnic collection and the vast diversity, you have to visit the land of crown heads. Make your vacation a memorable one with the exquisite scenic beauties loaded with informative materials. Rajasthan is a place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Enjoy the sunset and the food along with a routine of folk dance culture. This is indeed true that the wow factors of Rajasthan never fail to entrance you.

Culture of Rajasthan

Discover The Culture Of Rajasthan And Cherish It Forever

Rajasthan is the land which has witnessed the flourish of culture since time immemorial. The word literally means, "The land of Rajas or kings." The true essence of royalty has seeped into the soil and air of the land since the advent of various rulers in the state. Located in the West part of India, it stands as an assortment of diverse culture. A glimpse of India's miscellany is found in Rajasthan. The unique culture and famous hospitality never fail to impress the group of tourists. It has attained an international fame with the discovery of one of the most famous and old civilizations in the history itself- the Indus Valley Civilization, remains and parts of which are found in Kalibanga.

rajasthan tourism
Folk music and dance
  • The Culture of Rajasthan is one of the key features that gives it a special position; the folk dance is enjoyed by all the visitors thoroughly. The two popular dance forms are Kalbeliya, the specialty of Jaisalmer and Ghoomar, the major attraction of Udaipur. Apart from having flair in dance, Rajasthan culture also attains a nationwide fame in folk music. The music mainly depicts the regular pictures of love affairs or devotional chanting; they also represent the daily chores at times. Kanhaiya Geet is also one of the most popular sources of entertainment in the villages.

Art and crafts
  • The craft items yielded by the people of Rajasthan plainly testify it to be one of the highly talented hubs in India. Don't forget to gratify your eyes by witnessing their entire collection. The broad range of handicrafts found in Rajasthan includes textile, carpets and durries, handmade jewelry, blue pottery, marble crafts, wooden furniture, quilts, paintings, ivory, mojari/ juti. Indeed, the list goes on henceforth. Getting one of these masterpieces to your home, will surely augment its beauty and stylize your space giving it a regal touch. It will also reflect your taste for culture and love for refined beauty.

More on crafts
  • The textile industry of Rajasthan is famous for the Bandini and Bandhej prints. You must have one of those pretty, colorful pieces in your wardrobe to make people turn their heads around to compliment you. Jodhpur and Jaipur manufacture the rich in sophistication mojaries and jutis respectively. These are inspired by the particular styles developed by the Indian Kings and still, hold a special place in the buyer's heart. Incredibly talented craftsman carry out the designing of blue pottery which is almost unavailable in other parts of India. They use mostly blue, white and green to design these minutely. The richly designed quilts and carpets are primarily hand-woven.

Therefore, when you are planning for a perfect holiday to spend with your family and friends, consider Rajasthan. The classic beauty and the major attractions will lure you into the world very different from yours. The land of royalty, the land of magnificence- it might want you to spend your entire life. Experience hospitality and care in a new light with the outstanding tourism service, to gather more details about the place; you can always look through the food of Rajasthan or the art and culture of Rajasthan. Come, visit us and take along tons of pleasant memories.

Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

Taste The Flavor Of Rajasthan With Its Festivals

Cherish a travel experience so unique that it brings a smile on your face every time you come across a fragment of memory. The place of highly refined culture and the trail of regality left behind by the past invaders have proffered a special position to it among all the other places in India. The assortment of colors, the warm embrace of the natives, the utterly delectable food, the camel ride in a desert, the hill-station fun of Mt. Abu and lots more- all create a special thrill in the visitors. To enjoy the best vacation ever, one must visit Rajasthan- the land of Kings.

rajasthan tourism
The feel of the festivals
  • Festivals of Rajasthan have always been a special event to attend. The touch of antiquity in a modern clamor of people is surely an unusual thing. The Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan adhere to their culture and make it more unique. Every different place witnesses different types of celebrations. Participating in these ecstatic activities will fetch you an everlasting flood of joy and pleasure. Some of the chief highlights of Rajasthani festivals are camel races cock and bull fighting, folk music and dance performances, puppet shows, camel trouping and trading of camels or other cattle. Have a delightful time while enjoying a bright and dazzling show of fireworks.

Delivering some information
  • Bikaner is adorned with a camel festival every year. It is organized by the Rajasthan government every year in the month of January. A trade fair takes place in Nagaur during the time of January and February. Here, people mostly trade camels and cattle. Mewar festival in Udaipur goes on for quite a long. It also coincides with the Gangaur festival. Mewar festival elaborately celebrates the advent of spring. Gangaur festival, on the other hand, is to gratify the Goddess Gauri who is believed to be the mother of marital bliss. The Desert Festival, Jaisalmer is a fascinating one which involves the people in delightful competitions like turban-tying competition and longest mustache competition.

More facts on festivals
  • The festival of Teej is a famous one. All the Indian ladies are aware of it. Dedicated to the Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, it is held in the monsoon season. The elephant festival will never fail to give you an awe-inspiring expression. They are made to participate in a catwalk pageant and other competitions as well. Kolyat fair held in Bikaner is arranged at a place where Kapil Muni is considered to have meditated. Kota dusshera has quite a name in the checklist of many visitors. The people enjoy the colorful arrangement of the items and treat their eyes. This is also another time of the year when the city dazzles with exquisite fireworks.

Rajasthan indeed has a lot to offer to its tourists. Apart from a wide range of festivals to witness, it also gives one the taste of rich culture through the exhibition of art and architecture. The forts and palaces are perfect testimonials to call Rajasthan the land of Kings. With the few things that are mentioned above, you cannot have a complete idea of the potentials of the place. Take pride in the diversity if Rajasthan- the diversity of India. It is indeed our "Incredible India."

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